MANGO - kann ich essen Mango schwanger ?

Können wir essen Mango wann bist du schwanger ? Entdecken Sie die mit. Verbundenen Risiken Mango während der Schwangerschaft.

Ja aber...
Risiken Toxoplasmose
Information Mango : just like most of fruit and vegetable, this food is suitable for pregnant women provided it has been well washed.

Mangoes are exotic fleshy stone fruits. Their flesh is yellow, soft and naturally sweet. When a mango is too ripe, the flesh becomes stringy. Mango grows on a mango tree, a very large tropical tree that is found mainly in Pakistan, Burma and India. However, it is possible to find mangoes from other countries. Mango is very interesting in the diet of pregnant women: in fact, it is rich in vitamin C, it helps to maintain immune function and improves the absorption of iron from plants, and provitamin A to strengthen the immune system. Indulge yourself during your pregnancy, this fruit is safe. You can eat it raw, or cut in fromage blanc dairly product made with pasteurised milk to meet the necessary calcium intake.

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