GETROCKNETE FEIGEN - kann ich essen Getrocknete Feigen schwanger ?

Können wir essen Getrocknete Feigen wann bist du schwanger ? Entdecken Sie die mit. Verbundenen Risiken Getrocknete Feigen während der Schwangerschaft.

Getrocknete Feigen
Ja aber...
Risiken Toxoplasmose
Information Dried Figs : just like most of fruit and vegetable, this food is suitable for pregnant women provided it has been well washed.

Fig is the fruit of the common fig tree. It is a tree that is found in France and especially in the Mediterranean Basin which it is an emblem. Pregnant women can eat dried figs during pregnancy. It will bring her nutrition several vitamins mainly A and K and minerals including especially iron which reduces the risk of anemia and essential for pregnant women; calcium, manganese, magnesium (reduces stress) ... .The dried fig regulates blood circulation and is good for the heart. It is rich in fiber and makes digestion easier. Pregnant women can eat dried figs in salads, tagines in tagine with cheese, des pâtespasta !

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