ROHES EI - kann ich essen Rohes Ei schwanger ?

Können wir essen Rohes Ei wann bist du schwanger ? Entdecken Sie die mit. Verbundenen Risiken Rohes Ei während der Schwangerschaft.

Rohes Ei
Ja aber...
Risiken Salmonellosis, Listeriosis
Information Is not suitable for pregnant women because it is not cooked enough.
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Eggs are excellent in meat replacement to cover part of the daily protein intake. While pregnant, an increase of choline (vitamin B group)in your diet will support the development of the fetus, of the brain and spine. Note that a mom to be should not consume raw egg . It is classified at risk during pregnancy because it may be carrying the bacterium that causes listeriosis, toxoplasmosis and salmonella. If you want to eat a raw egg based preparation, such as chocolate mousse , mayonnaise etc. choose prepared foods with no additives or preservatives and which are made with pasteurized eggs.

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